Here we would like to share personal experiences of the Bosnian Pyramids

I first came across the Bosnian Pyramids in an article in the Nexus magazine approximately 10 years ago. and remember thinking "I must go there one day".

Early last year (2017) after meeting my partner Fared, the subject of the Bosnian Pyramids came up in conversation and we scoured through many videos on YouTube, soaking up as much information as we could. We both felt we had to go there and see for ourselves the incredible experiences and knowledge others were sharing and gaining.

June 2017 came round very quickly and we were off on our flights to Sarajevo, stopping at Munich on route as there were no direct flights to Bosnia.

We chose to book on the Summer Solstice tour, partly due to the timings for us to prepare for a holiday and partly because it felt right to be there during the solstice.

My first impression on landing was how familiar it felt in some way, almost like home. We spent 8 days and 7 nights exploring the various archaeological sights, as you will see from the links/photo's on this site, there was much to explore. 

The Bosnians in general seemed such friendly people and some giving gifts to those who purchased items from their stalls, to say thank you.

We also had the pleasure of participating in some interesting talks in the evenings, with some enlightening subject's, some of which you will find on our links page, where you can find out more about them. 

I was very drawn to the Tunnels at Ravne and the top of the Sun Pyramid where the energy has helped many to overcome or improve on their general health and well being.  Some cured from debilitating conditions. There have been numerous scientific tests completed in the Tunnels and on and around the Pyramids from many different countries and specialists in their fields, some include, scaler wave testing, kirlian photography, PIP, Bovis Scale testing etc. To see some of the tests, look at the official web page for the Bosnian Pyramids on our links page for up to date information. 

I personally felt energised after being in the tunnels, to the degree that my sleep was very poor prior to arriving and improved whilst there and for up to a few days after. I just had so much more energy and clarity of mind. 

The water they sell from the Tunnel is also very healing after undergoing many tests. It has been proven that no bacteria or viruses  can exist in the Tunnels, possibly why people feel better when going in and drinking the water.

One of the main things that I noticed from going to the valley of the Pyramids in Bosnia was how much I was drawn to go there and how I felt I needed to return. It was interesting seeing the synchronicities that occurred on our first trip, only to become more clear a year later.

There were approximately 20 different countries visiting on both of our trips and it appeared that many had a similar pull to the energy of the Pyramids and felt guided to return.

After out first trip, Fared set up this website but we didn't feel ready to put it online until now after returning from our second trip, which was more about integrating and gaining more information/networking.


On our last day of our first tour, I had an amazing experience, when I got to visit the top of the Sun Pyramid.  A small group of us decided to ascend the Pyramid, with it's steep climb, after taxiing up as far as we could go.  We had spent 30 minutes at the top, admiring the views and absorbing the energy, when a few butterflies flew around me and Fared, occasionally landing on our bags, then flying off.  When we started to descend, one of them followed us, landing on my hand and stayed there until we reached a steeper decline where the path forked in two directions, before flying off.  I recorded this experience, and you can see this below.  Although this seems quite minor, to me it was a wonderful connection with nature.  Ironically after our recent second trip up to the sun pyramid in May 2018, we experienced something similar with the butterflies, except one that kept circling us at the top, suddenly appeared by our sides when we reached the taxi to leave.

We are already planning our next trip and feel enthused about sharing our experiences, so others may wish to experience the wonderful energy of the place.

After spending many hours looking at footage on YouTube from experiments carried out; other personal experiences; among our own; it seems clear to me that the Bosnian Pyramid complex is an ancient site that was created many years ago; carbon dated back to around 30,000 years approximately.

From my personal experience it appears to amplify energy within yourself, so that you may evolve.  It brings to your awareness things that you need to heal.  It not only works on the physical body but it helps heal emotional and spiritual bodies too.  Synchronicities seem to heighten in the energy, whether positive or negative, so that you have the choice which path to take.  I noticed when sending thoughts out, how quickly they manifested there through people and experiences around me.  In fact it is interesting to experience and to hear of others that experienced the same of how when returning back to our homes, for a short period of a few weeks, karma seems to come up more swiftly.

Caroline Baker - May 2018



I can only echo what my partner Caroline has already said above. There is something very special about the Bosnian Pyramid complex and it demands that the mainstream sciences acknowledge the validity and importance of this site.  It pushes back human history by thousands of years, and isn't the point of compiling our history, to update it as new discoveries are made? 

This is not just an archaeological site, it was built for a purpose.  Spending time in the Tunnels somehow makes you feel so much better.  Even the niggling health issues I had been suffering, abated after a couple of visits and lasted for weeks after. 

One interesting thing we both did was to have an Aura reading before going into the tunnels and then after to see if the Tunnels made any difference.  Wow, I have posted the before & after pic's below for comparison.  I thoroughly recommend that you do the same before entering. It's some tangible proof that something happens to your energy whilst  in the Tunnels.  That's not to say that this only happens in the Tunnels as the whole Pyramid complex is an energy centre. 

I'm a person who likes to research subjects and the Bosnian Pyramids was no different.  I read of information on the Web and watched countless video's on YouTube.  A great deal of testimony was presented for and against the Genuine/Hoax camps but after seeing the complex for myself, I am a firm believer that they are real and not natural geological formations. 

Something that I managed to catch on video, was ORB's in the Tunnels.  Not dust as they move randomly through the air.  Have a look below and make your own mind up?


There's really only one way to really experience the Bosnian Pyramid enigma and that's to visit yourselves.

Fared. Lefouili May 2018

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