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One of the key factors of the Healing capabilities of the Underground Labyrinth Ravne is certainly a high concentration of negative ions. Team of the Foundation 'Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun' daily measures the presence of negative ions at fourteen different locations.

The ratios are standard: in front of the tunnels values ​​are between 200-600 negative ions per cubic centimeter. At the moment when entering the prehistoric tunnels, the values ​​multiply. Already at the egg-shaped block they exceed 10,000 negative ions per cubic centimeter. On the K-1, K-2, K-5 blocks and in the Healing chamber they would be between 20,000-30,000 ni / ccm.

Therefore, this explains excellent results on the human body during the visits in the winter months.

It should be noted that the summer values ​​are generally higher. However, concentrations during this winter period are so high that they can assume record high values ​​during the summer season.

Also, the level of orgone (life) energy is three times higher in tunnels compared to the values ​​of the outer surface.

The table with the measurements on February 12, 2019 is attached.






Valery Uvarov: Foundation has Key Role in the History of Pyramidology 

Egyptologist and pyramid builder Valery Uvarov of Russia was a lecturer at the First Global Conference on the Pyramid Energy, held this weekend in Visoko. We took the opportunity of his appearance at the conference for a brief interview with Mr. Uvarov, who complimented the efforts of the 'Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun' Foundation on the development of pyramid science and on the understanding of the real meaning of pyramids.

- Every year, people come from all over the world and exchange their knowledge, which is of utmost importance, because this flow information should be the stepping stone for expansion of this project here in Visoko and for winning global support. Pyramids themselves reveal that our bright future will be strongly interlinked with them. Pyramids have applications in science, medicine, physics, in schools and at universities, for boosting creativity, stabilization of the nervous system, they enhance and improve, but also stimulate immunological system and, naturally, strengthen defensive capabilities of the organism to combat viruses and other harmful influences. Experts in the study of pyramids understand that, if we continue our studies, and build pyramids, that in due time this awareness will spread and the world will be better for it – Valery Uvarov said.

The Russian expert complimented the Visoko conference, but also all the Foundation's efforts in the field of research and studies into the phenomenon of pyramids.

- This conference is of great importance, and Sarajevo and Visoko, i.e. Bosnia and Herzegovina, have become the world hub for exchange of knowledge and information, thanks to conferences organized by the Foundation. In this regard, the Foundation has a key role in the history of pyramidology – Uvarov concluded.

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Ken Rohla- Information and Discoveries Discussed at the Conference Shall Definitely Alter History

Ken Rohla, American researcher of scalar waves and speaker at the First Global Conference on the Energy of Pyramids, held 11-12 May 2018 in Visoko, Bosnia, delivered a lecture entitled: 'the Science of the Energy of Pyramids: What It Is and What Can We Do with It?'

- This conference brings to light knowledge and information that have been skillfully buried and suppressed by the official community , as it is focused, without going through certain people and institutions. Thanks to modern-day technologies, Internet, YouTube... the truth about this discoveries is finally accessible - Rohla said.

In his remarks, Ken also highlighted conference participants, their work, but also the ramifications of that work.

- Here we have had some really credibly scientists whose work and results rest on a sound basis and who shared their findings with us, such as the finding about the connection between physics and pyramids. I believe that this conference, just as the discoveries we have discussed, shared among ourselves and with the public, will definitely change history - concluded Ken Rohla.

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Goran Marjanovic: All Phenomena in Visoko have Beneficial Influence

on Human Beings, Plant and Animal World

Engineer Goran Marjanović, a Serbian expert, has participated in the Global Conference on the Energy of Pyramids in Visoko, May 11-12, 2018. At the conference, he delivered a lecture entitled 'Pyramids and Scalar Waves', and we took the opportunity of his visit to Visoko for a brief interview.

- I believe that the significance of this conference is considerable, as we have had an opportunity to hear presentations by people who have gone far in their fields of study. These are people who found ways to measure, visualize and detect the effects of various forms of energy, not exactly appropriately explained from the standpoint of the mainstream science. The science we know is not wrong, but it lags behind experimental reality. Some theories are more than a hundred years old, and for some we have no modern theories. Those we do have are not wrong, but are inadequate to explain phenomena that people feel and detect with senses that are not related to the senses known to modern medicine – Marjanović said.

In particular, Marjanović commented about the work of the scientists, particularly those coming from the East.

- Lately, particularly in the East, there has been a great deal of work on torsion fields, which are a sophisticated form of scalar waves that Nikola Tesla had studied. It is curious that modern science lacks an instrument to explain these forms of energy, however, at this conference we have been acquainted with the devices, methods and ways to make these energy forms more accessible to people, and to measure them – Marjanović explained.

Finally, he commented about his frequent visits to Visoko and on a great deal of measurements and studies he had conducted.

- I come here since 2011, sometimes several times a year. I've performed measurements on all sites, I conducted series of measurements and proved that these were structures with peculiar features. Such studies and measurements allow us to understand formations that escape the measurements of conventional physics. Therefore we can explain all phenomena that occur here, but what is most important is that all of it is very beneficial and has beneficial effects on human beings, but also on the plant and animal world – Marjanović concluded.

May 2018





Conference, Tour and Summer Solstice Festival 2017

Report with a photo gallery

In Sarajevo, Visoko and Zavidovići from June 15-22, 2017, there was a traditional conference, tour and summer solstice festival, organized by the “Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun” Foundation. The host of the program was the discoverer of the Bosnian Pyramids and the Director of the Foundation, Dr. Sam Osmanagich and the entire team of employees and Foundation associates (Sabina, Lejla, Sandin, Ajdin, Dženana, Nataša, Haris, Salko, Mustafa, Nermin, and others).


At the Conference on Bosnian Pyramids the presenters were the pyramid explorer Dr. Sam Osmanagich (“Energy of the Bosnian Pyramids”), the pyramid constructor Valery Uvarov from Russia (“The purpose of the pyramids”), researcher of the Tesla Waves Goran Marjanović from Serbia (“Scalar Waves at the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun”), pyramid manufacturer Ken Rohla from United States of America (“Phenomena of scalar waves on pyramids”) and ancient mysteries investigator Patrice Marty from France (“Origin of elongated skulls – the ancient mystery”). The presentations took place at the conference hall of Hotel “Park” in Sarajevo. Hundreds of visitors were listening to these interesting presentations which are showing the latest accomplishments in the science of pyramids and ancient mystery analysis.



Hundreds of interested participants arrived in Bosnia-Herzegovina to broaden the knowledge on the pyramid energy. They arrived from 17 different countries: Singapore, USA, Australia, Canada, Argentina, Spain, Great Britain, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Germany, Austria and Sweden. They all left impressed from Bosnia-Herzegovina after the visit to the world’s oldest and greatest pyramids, prehistoric Underground Labyrinth Ravne and stone spheres in Zavidovići.



At the “Archaeological-Touristic Park Ravne2” there was the first Summer Solstice Festival from June 19-21. The Festival participants were: “Hare Krishna” Band from Sarajevo, Ensemble “Vibrica” from Zagreb, Croatia; from Slovenia: Leon Levstik, Tibetan bowls, Rok Rotar, crystal bowls, Bostjan Kragl, great gong, Naser Omeragić Naki, guitar, Marina Trost, singer, the AutE music group composed of Uroš Jezdić, accordion, Klemen Bračko, violin, and Eva Jurgec, oboe and beak flute. The closing Festival performer was a Turkish soul singer Seda Bagzan with the ensemble. The reactions at the Festival were extraordinary, and hundreds of visitors from dozens of countries enjoyed the relaxing and spiritual atmosphere created by the artists.

The organized groups came to Visoko for the Summer Solstice Festival from the following countries: Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Finland and others.



At the Park “Ravne 2” there was a three-day, commercial Fair of minerals, crystals, fossils, rocks, semi-precious and precious stones in an organization of the Society of mineral enthusiasts “Gorski Kristal” (“Mountain Crystal”).



As the part of the Conference program, there was a screening of two extraordinary feature films on Bosnian Pyramids by the Bosnian-Canadian author Vinko Totić and Austrian director Alex Dolphin. After the screening, the authors answered the questions posed by the audience and sold the DVD's with the film in the English language.

In this year, during the days of the Conference, the authors started filming three new documentaries on the subject of the Bosnian Valley of Pyramids. The first is by the British Director Susann Griffith Jones, the second film is by the Bosnian-German author Said Sefo, and the third is by the Belgian Academy graduate Sacha Ferbus.

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Bosnian Pyramids are the largest and oldest Healing Site on the Earth?


“There is no doubt that Bosnian pyramids and tunnels demonstrate remains of an unknown high-developed civilization. Staying in these tunnels can cause very strong and positively measurable effects on the emotional and physiological health of people. The level of energy activity shows that it is a positive energy,” said Russian Professor Konstantin Korotkov, the world’s leading expert in the energy of space and living beings. He spent a few days with a nuclear physicist from Russia, Oleg Smirnov, and performed a research on Bosnian pyramids.

“This is a huge discovery that can be measured with the discovery of tombs in Egypt or the Pyramids of Maja and Aztecs,” noted Professor Korotkov.

Numerous world experts, after a great number of scientific research, declared the Bosnian pyramids as the world’s largest healing place.

Recent research showed that they are at least 25,000 years old and even older than Egyptian pyramids, which completely changes the history of civilization. There are still some mysterious rooms in them, as well as the lake with completely clean water without any bacteria, algae, fungi, microorganisms, or mud.

There is a total of five pyramids discovered – Sun, Moon, Earth, dragon, and love. The Sun’s Pyramid is the highest in the world – it’s 220 meters tall. In comparison, the famous Keops Pyramid is just 145 meters tall.

Where is the healing energy in the tunnels of the Bosnian Pyramids coming from? Dr. Osmanagic said that research that was performed by domestic and foreign scientists showed that the source of electromagnetic energy is located at a depth of 2,440 meters.

This summer, according to the announcements, the pyramids will be visited by tens of thousands of people from all over the world – some of them are coming to see the mystery, and some of them to heal.


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