There doesn’t appear to be any direct flights to Bosnia from the UK (except Ireland) but several carriers offer routes which require at least 1 connecting flight. Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines and Turkish Airlines seem to be the main carriers with Lufthansa offering flights to Sarajevo via Munich taking around 4 hours. Costs vary but the longer the flight time, the more connecting flights or stop over times, the cheaper the fares. As always it pays to shop around and midweek flights tend to be the cheapest.


The Bosnian people are warm and friendly however tourism in Visoko is new to them. Bosnia is by no means a rich country and particularly in Visoko, Hotel standards are not to be compared with standards here in the UK. However having said that, we can thoroughly recommend the Hotel Luxor which is modern, clean and located 10 minutes by taxi from the Pyramid Complex or the Parke Hotel in Sarajevo (see links page for further details). The Hotel Piramida Sunca in the heart of Visoko offers views of the Pyramid from the dining room however in our opinion, there are better alternatives available.

There are many holiday homes and apartments for rent but some research will be required on your part.


Pyramid Complex

The Pyramid Complex is in the Town of Visoko and they offer a variety of tours which includes the Ravne Tunnels . On the Links Page,  you will find details about these tours and the costs.




It is cheap in Bosnia compared to the UK. If you smoke, cigarettes they currently cost around £2 a packet and meals can be had for under £5, as of May 2018. Euro’s are in the main widely accepted at larger establishments such as Hotels, however we would recommend withdrawing Bosnian Marks from local cash machines as this is the only currency the smaller local shops and restaurants accept. When using cash machines, try to withdraw from those of the Bosnian Bank so you do not incur any charges for withdrawing cash.

As of February 2019, £1 = 2.3 Bosnian Marks


The Locals

The local Bosnians in Visoko are warm and very friendly however you may experience from time to time gypsies asking for money. Many locals speak some English but the usual tourist type sign language will serve you well as will google translate on your smartphone. The locals in Visoko are only now really embracing the Pyramid complex and what tourism will bring to the town in the future.  Already new buildings and changes are taking place.


Getting around

Visoko is a small town and all amenities are easily accessible on foot. If you need to travel further, local buses serve the surrounding areas as well as the Bosnian Capital, Sarajevo which is approximately half an hour away by road.

Taxi’s are available and are a cheap way to travel around. For example a return trip to the top of the Pyramid of the Sun costs 20 Euro’s so shared between 4 persons costs 5 Euro’s each. A return trip to the Ravne Tunnel complex cost a mere 5 Euro’s or 10 Bosnian Marks. Taxi’s accept both Euro’s and Bosnian Marks in Payment.

Eating out

There are many restaurants, cafe’s and bars offering local food which tends to be organically grown, locally produced. We can thoroughly recommend local dishes and if you are vegetarian, then you will be very well served on the food front. Tipping is not compulsory but is greatly appreciated. 

If you prefer to go self catering, then the Kazum supermarket in Visoko offers all the usual grocery items and seems to be one of the largest chain in Bosnia.



There are local shops in Visoko including chemists etc, but for anyone who enjoys the branded shopping experience, then a trip to Sarajevo is recommended. Many of the shops tend to be closed on Sundays, though you will still fine the odd one open to do business.


Phone Networks

Bosnia is not in the Euro zone so you will most likely incur additional costs from your mobile phone providers for sending/receiving calls/texts so best to check with them first. It may be prudent to purchase a sim card either before you travel or from a local phone shop once in Bosnia. All the hotels that we have stayed in have Wi-Fi networks for guests should you need your social media fix.


The Weather

We have travelled to Bosnia both in the months of May and June where it was hot and sunny with the occasional thunderstorm. Carrying water with you, really is a must to stop yourself from dehydrating.


Bosnia is a beautiful country in the heart of the Bulkens. If you enjoy experiencing new cultures

and exploring the countryside, then you won't be disappointed. 

There are many ancient sites to visit as well as many other places of interest.

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